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Off-season wall ball workout

You need a minimum of 25 repetitions for each drill. You should try and aim for the same spot on the wall. Time yourself each workout and your completion time should get shorter. Keep your feet moving during the workout. It’s a good idea to have multiple balls with you so if you drop a pass you don’t have to chase the ball. Every pass should be crisp. You should try to get this workout in at least 4 days a week. 

Always wear gloves during the workout - you play with gloves so why not practice with gloves. You should pass and catch in the “box”, i.e. the area above your shoulder; to the right or left of your head. 

1. Quick Stick (no cradle) - Two Hands - Right Handed 
2. Quick Stick - Two Hands - Left Handed 
3. Quick Stick - One Hand - Right 
4. Quick Stick - One Hand - Left 
5. Two Hands - Catch and Cradle - Right 
6. Two Hands - Catch and Cradle - Left 
7. One Hand - Catch and Cradle - Right 
8. One Hand - Catch and Cradle - Left 
9. Side Arm - Right 
10. Side Arm - Left 
11. Canadian (cross hand) - Right 
12. Canadian - Left 
13. Split Dodge (50 reps) – Split one direction and shoot with that hand. Catch on the same side and then split to the other direction. 
14. Behind the back – Right 
15. Behind the back – Left 
(Stop Timer) 
16. Free Style – (Around the World – overhand, side arm, underhand, side arm, overhead; back breaker, stick tricks, etc…)

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